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This is the digital age.

In less than a generation, the internet has radically transformed the way we communicate and share information. What worked two or three years ago, let alone five years ago, to market a tourism business has changed so much and will continue to evolve.

Visitors to the Goulburn River Valley region are online in greater numbers than ever before.  The vast majority are widely using social media to source information and they are connecting to the web through their phones like never before.  More and more their expectation is for an efficient and seamless experience.

A good website remains however the epicentre centre of a good digital presence.  A presence that needs to be part of a digital marketing strategy that by necessity has to be dynamic, focused and flexible.

An even better digital strategy recognises that your own web site is not the only way that consumers want to receive, share and communicate information.

Connecting to visitors through websites such as our new consumer regional site is also an important step to promote your business or event. It is a simple and easy step to take through the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW).

Getting Listed on the ATDW

Organising an event and would love to see it showcased on lots of different websites around Victoria and the rest of Australia? Want same for your business?

All organisers and operators can make use of the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) to promote an event or business.

The ATDW allows you to list your business or event once, with them, and then allows a network of 'distributors' to pick up that information and showcase it on their own websites.

Distributors include, and of course or own In total there are over 150 distributors showcasing over 40,000 events, attractions and accommodation providers across Australia.

What are the benefits of listing with ATDW?

  • A dedicated page on ATDW for your event or business.
  • Distribution. Load your information once on ATDW and it will appear on multiple sites through ATDW's distribution channels and websites. VisitVictoria alone received over 9 million views last year showing product and events.
  • Increased Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) authority of your website. This means your website can appear higher in Google Search results.
  • Control. Create and update your listing as often as you like. These updates will automatically be pushed out to every other website in the network you are listed on.

Steps to create an event listing:

  • Visit
  • Register as a new user by pressing the 'Create An Account' button at the bottom of the page.
  • Follow the steps to register your details.
  • Click ‘Add New Listing’.
  • Choose the listing type.
  • Fill in as many details as possible about your business or event including at least one photo. Be sure to complete at least the 8 mandatory steps to finish the listing.
  • Click 'Send For Review'.
  • Once submitted, your listing will be reviewed and will be published on our site and distributed to the network of syndicated sites including VisitVictoria

There is no charge for events and not-for-profit organisations to list their on the ATDW.  For a business it is $250 (inc GST) or $100 if you are accredited.

If you have any questions about the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse or how we can help please don't hesitate to contact

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